Welcome to the 2018 Celtic Golf Tournament:

Small Rule change this year to help the field flow.

Split your team of 4 into two pairs. Nominate one pair to tee of on 'even' hole numbers and the other pair to tee off on the 'odd' hole numbers. This means that ONLY 2 players from each team tee off on each hole. Then choose one of the two balls to play and three players play from this spot.

If only three players comprise a team, one nominated player is allowed to tee off on all holes i.e. on both odds and evens.

In teams of four, the golfer whose shot is chosen is eliminated from participating in the next shot. In teams of three, this is not the case. A player is only eliminated for the one shot following their selected shot – i.e. you never play your own shot. If there are only three players in a team, ALL players play all shots.

Have a great day. Bring your own refreshments but we will have the usual two feed stations on clurse serving Burgers and BLT's :)


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