Celtic Latest - 6 August 2021


Well almost a week since our great success on the paddock. Well done again to the Celts involved in the U14.5 win and to our Colts and Seniors we trust you have all celebrated in style. Your earnt it, so enjoy it! What a way to finish off the season in our 100th year. Immense.


Saturday Gala Day

Heartland Team (Pre Season)

Agstaff Mid Canterbury v Ellesmere, Methven1, 2:30pm


MCRU Colts

Colts v Ellesmere, Methven1, 12:50pm


Under 16 – Final HN Edge Cup & Russel Kelly Cup

Plains v Alps, Oval 2:00pm


Under 13 – Game Duration 25 minutes halves

Methven v Celtic, Oval 1:00pm

Collegiate v Southern Comb, 12:00pm Oval

Rakaia v TBC, 11:00am Oval TBC


Under 11.5 – Game Duration 20 minutes halves 

Allenton v Methven White, 2A, 1:45pm

Celtic Green v Methven Red, 2B, 1:45pm

Celtic White v Methven Black, 3A, 1:45pm

Collegiate/Rakaia v Tinwald, 3B, 1:45pm

Hampstead v Southern, 2A, 1:00pm


Under 10 - Game Duration 20 minutes halves 

Allenton v Hampstead, 2A, 12:10pm

Celtic v Methven, 2B, 1:00pm

Collegiate v Tinwald, 3A, 1:00pm

Rakaia v Southern, 3B, 1:00pm


Under 9 - Game Duration 15 minutes halves 

Allenton v Celtic White, 3A, 12:10pm

Celtic Green v Methven, 3A, 11:35am

*Southern v Methven/MtSomers, 3B, 11;00am

Tinwald v Rakaia, 3B, 11;35am

Hampstead v *Southern 2nd Game, 3B, 12:10pm 

*Play two Games 


Under 8 - Game Duration 15 minutes halves 

Allenton Gold v Methven/MtSomers, 2A. 11:35am

Allenton Maroon v Southern White, 2B, 11:35am

Celtic v Methven 3A, 11:00am

Collegiate v Rakaia, 2A. 11:00am

Tinwald v Southern Blue, 2B, 12:10pm


Under 7 - Game Duration 15 minutes halves 

Allenton v Southern R, Oval West, 11:30am

Celtic Green v Tinwald B, Oval West 1:00pm

Celtic White v Rakaia, Oval East 1, 1:00pm

Collegiate v Methven Oval East 2, 1:00pm

Hampstead v Southern W, Oval East 1, 11:30am

Mt Somers v Southern B, Oval East 2, 11:30am

Tinwald O v *Southern Combined, Oval West, 12:30pm 

*Play two Games (Combined Team from the 3 Southern teams above)


Under 6 - Game Duration 15 minutes halves 

Allenton Gold v Southern R, Oval EAST 1 12:30PM

Allenton Maroon v Methven Black, 2B, 11:00am

Celtic Green v Collegiate, Oval East 1, 11:00am

Celtic White v Southern B, Oval West, 12;00pm,

Mt Somers v Rakaia B, Oval East 2, 12:30pm

Rakaia W v Southern W, Oval East 2, 12:00pm

Tinwald Black v Southern S, Oval East 1, 12:00pm

Tinwald Blue v Methven White, Oval East 2, 11:00am

Tinwald O v Hampstead, Oval West, 11:00am


Mid Canterbury JAB 7's - Saturday 14th August

JAB Prizegiving - 21st August

Senior Prizegiving & Ball - 28th August (tickets from your team manager or from the bar - $40)


All the very best for your games tomorrow. Go The Green Machine.


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