Celtic Latest - 3rd September 2021

Afternoon all and what a glorious spring day it is! 

We are still optimistic that a reduction in Covid alert levels will permit our Senior and JAB Prizegivings to go ahead. New dates TBC.

For those who haven't yet heard the latest news. Ashburton Celtic applied and has been named as a recipient of NZR - Grassroots rugby Bunnings Rugby Assist Fund to the tune of $30k in product and materials. This will allow us to us to put in showers, handbasins, toilets and associated plumbing to complete the old Boxing Club rooms currently being used by our Senior women. Thank you BUNNINGS!


The first day of spring is bittersweet this year as everywhere south of Auckland woke up to Level 3 this morning, with a way to go until we are out of the woods just yet.

Positive News

In between all of the uncertainty and worry, there is some fantastic and positive news for our region. We would like to extend our congratulations to Ashburton Celtic Rugby Club as they were one of the New Zealand Rugby - Grassroots rugby clubs named as Bunnings Rugby Assist recipients this year. 

Bunnings Rugby Assist ambassador and All Blacks legend Stephen Donald said he was looking forward to seeing the positive impact of the program on local rugby clubs and their communities.

“The support I’ve experienced and witnessed from local club rugby is so important to the players and keeps the sport thriving. It’s crucial for the next generation of rugby legends that we support grassroots rugby.”

Upcoming Rugby Activity

Mid Canterbury Rugby and NZ Rugby partners are in regular communication over the potential rugby activity that may be played in the coming weeks. We have all been working hard to try to and ensure that as much Rugby as possible can be played within the government guidelines. The safety of the participants and the community are very much front of mind.

No Rugby activity can take place at Level 3. The requirements around Level 2 are already stricter than last year and, are expected to be further tightened over the coming weeks and days.  We are all anxiously awaiting the next key government level review on 6th September.

 The probability is that representative games will not be able to be played prior to 18th September, whether it is National Championship Games or Community Rugby/Lower level Representative Games.

 There is a return to play phase built into that date to prepare players for match play and to prepare venues.

Tournament play is only possible at Level 1 and there is considerable uncertainty about whether matches can be realistically played under Level 2.

There are significant requirements on match venues, bubble size and management, social distancing and contact tracing that make it very difficult to conduct individual matches at Level 1. More than 1 game or activity at a venue is simply not possible.

But we remain optimistic we will get some lower level Rep rugby underway in the coming weeks and all going well the Heartland Championship will be played alongside the other national rugby competitions.

Until the time that anything changes, please stay safe and we will keep you informed on any further developments.


Ian Patterson 


Lockdown Quiz

Last weeks answers

1. Name the two Celtic players who were selected but did not get on the field against Australia in 1964? 

Tony O’Sullivan and Bill Whelan

2. Ashburton Celtic’s first national recognised selection Derek O’Grady played for the South Island Colts in which year?


3. Ashburton Celtic’s next national recognised player was Bob McLenghan who played for the NZ Colts that toured Ceylon (now Sri Lanka ) in which year?

1955. Sir Colin Meads and Sir Wilson Whineray were two of his teammates.

For this week...

1. What year did Ashburton Celtic attend the first South Island marist Tournament?

2. What year did Ashburton Celtic attend the first NZ Marist Tournament?

3. What year was the first Ashburton Celtic player a NZ Marist Colt?

Until next week, keep doing your part to get through this :-)

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