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Mid Canterbury Rugby - Saturday 6th & sunday 7th August 2016


Roncalli College v Ashburton College, Timaru, Time to be confirmed

Mt Somers v Southern Tinwald Tavern, Mt Somers Domain, 2pm, C Kelland, J Greenslade, B Frame


2016 U13 Mid Canterbury Rugby Development
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1 August 2016 - 2016 U13 Development Squad:
Corey Adams Allenton
Nick Rattray Allenton
Thomas Patterson Allenton
Ged Wall Celtic
Henry Hobbs Celtic
Archie Schluter Celtic
Mark Gabriel Celtic
Kyle Cabangun Celtic
Phoenix Andrews Collegiate
Jake Jackways Collegiate
Richmiracle Fuluasou Hampstead
Tevita Satui Hampstead
Angus Stewart Hampstead
Lucan Taylor/Culshaw Hampstead
Tevita Hala Hampstead
Tuku Wehipeihana Hampstead
Isileli Ula Hampstead
Teamorangi Wehipeihana Hampstead
Bailey Longtime Hampstead
Ned Milne Hampstead
Caleb Ward Hampstead
Aidan Bennett Hampstead
Jamie Reid Hampstead
Otto Mareko Hampstead
Anthony Pore Hampstead
Savelio Solofuti Hampstead
Toetu Touli Hampstead
Sam Cuttle Methven
Logan Marshall Methven
Jack Jones Methven
Gus Casey-Solly Methven
Anthony Kearvell Methven
Alex Roderick Methven
Charlie Brown Methven
Josh Dunlea Rakaia
Angus Stewart Rakaia
Seth Hislop Rakaia
Tomas Wilson Southern
Xavier Henwood Southern
Hugh Cameron Southern
Isaac Simpson Southern
James Brady Tinwald
Ben Middleton Tinwald
Jack Soal Tinwald
Training run /Information Briefing at Allenton Rugby Grounds ( Melrose Road) 6.30pm Wed 3rd August
2 teams will be selected from this squad to play games against- South Canterbury, North Otago and North Canterbury.
Apologies to
Vaughan Ward – 0277 681 722
James Roderick – 021 0835 1716
Congratulations to all players selected .
2016 Mid Canterbury Rugby U14 Squad
Congratulations to the following players on their selection.
Jacob Gray Allenton
Zion Kohunui​​ Allenton
Oliver Phillips​​ Allenton
Harry Stapleton​​ Celtic
Dylan Sutton​​ Celtic
Christian Taanuu ​Celtic
Taurangi Daniel ​​Hampstead
Mac Kaitao​​ Hampstead
Izack Otene​​ Hampstead
Kotiti Patea ​​Hampstead
Christian Thompson ​Hampstead
Taumaoe Touli​​ Hampstead
Jarrad Hill​​ Methven
Samuel​Ree​​ Methven
Samuel​Taylor ​​Methven
Uluaki Manu​​ Rakaia
Dylan Page​​ Rakaia
Zion Lafai​​ Southern
Lochlan​Deuart​​ Tinwald
Benjamin Donald ​Tinwald
Jayden Henshilwood​ Tinwald
Josh Jones​​Tinwald
Dylan Mann​​Tinwald
Head Coach – Alan Harkness -0272 677 510
Coach – Blair O’Donnell – 021 902 480
Training at Allenton Rugby Grounds on Wed 10th August starting at 5.30pm
Please call either of the coaches with any apologies

2016 Mid Canterbury Rugby- U16 Representative Squad Edit

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1 August 2016 - 2016 Mid Canterbury Rugby- U16 Representative Squad: -
1 Braxton Morrison Allenton
2 Connor Hydes Southern
3 Drew Chisnall Southern
4 Thomas John Lensley Southern
5 Sam Wright Methven
6 George Kiely Methven
7 Joshua Ree Methven
8 Te Maiharoa Waaka Hampstead
9 Brynmor Workman Hampstead
10 Russell Aitken Hampstead
11 Marcus Bishop Hampstead
12 Jimmy-Ray Ritchie Hampstead
13 Jabe Settle Celtic
14 Neke Kamoe Celtic
15 William Tod Celtic
16 Taufa Kinikini Celtic
17 Elyh McKibbin Celtic
18 Mitchel Prendergast Celtic
19 Tutanekai Kareko Celtic
20 Elama Touli Ashburton College
21 Devon Coyle Ashburton College
22 Liam McCormack Ashburton College
Head Coach
Backs Coach
First training at the Ashburton Showgrounds No.3 ground at 5.30 on Wednesday 4th Aug.(This week)
Please call (Manager) Leighton Nicol with any apologies 0274 730 815, or (Coach) Jock Cockburn 0274 815 008